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Better Fuel Efficiency.
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The MBE4000 Engine

In today's business climate, fuel efficiency, productivity and reliability top the requirement list for any used truck. Which is why SelecTrucks is proud to offer a wide selection of Century Class S/T and Columbia trucks, with the exceptional MBE4000 engine from Mercedes-Benz.

Backed with technology like full electronic management, individual unit injection pumps and centered injectors capable of pressure up to 26,000 psi, the six-cylinder MBE4000 answers your needs today, and down the road.


MBE4000 Stats

  • 350–450 HP
  • 1250–1650 lb-ft torque
  • 12.8L

More Power With Less Fuel

Superior Mercedes-Benz engineering means the MBE4000 delivers all the power you need, with great fuel economy. Six-unit injection pumps are driven from the specially engineered camshaft for more precise injection control. Four valves per cylinder allow the engine to breathe better. And state-of-the-art electronics optimize firing. Plus, the air compressor uses less horsepower than typical compressors, making the MBE4000 one of the most fuel efficient truck engines on the road today.

Extra Productivity

At 12.8L, the MBE4000 offers the best power-to-weight ratio of big bore engines in the industry. Advanced materials and components make the MBE 4000 over 400 lbs. lighter than some engines. Less engine weight means greater payload and efficiency.

Broad Power Range

The MBE4000 is a driver’s engine, reaching 90% of its peak torque at 1000 rpm. Translation: more power to pull hills and get loads moving quicker. An extra-wide power band equals fewer shifts. Which in turn equals better fuel economy.

Longer Maintenance Intervals

The less engine maintenance, the more time your truck is on the road. And with the MBE4000, you’re getting maximum reliability. Up to 25,000-mile oil changes (with standard CG-4 oil), 100,000-mile fuel filter changes and best-in-class engine braking also mean reduced maintenance costs.

Total Support

Every MBE4000 engine can be serviced through Daimler Trucks North America’s industry-leading service and support network, which includes more than 600 North American locations. This includes our extensive parts distribution network and our own 24-hour Customer Assistance Center. Plus, we offer limited warranties up to 36 months or 300,000 miles. From routine maintenance to emergency roadside assistance, you’re covered. Now that you know why a MBE4000-powered truck is today’s smartest choice, the real question is: what are you waiting for?