A Used Truck That’s Earned
Its Reputation.

Century Class Truck

Owner-operators and fleets may have different needs, but the Freightliner Century Class® S/T is a used truck they agree on.

The Century Class S/T earned its stripes on the road, where proven construction, long-life components and reduced maintenance deliver real bottom-line benefits. Aerodynamic styling, outstanding ride, innovative noise reduction technology and easy handling make this used truck a driver's or fleet owner's dream. And it's one of Freightliner's most technologically advanced trucks ever—your guarantee of efficiency and dependability, mile after mile.

Design and Performance

Lightweight construction and refined aerodynamic profile maximize fuel efficiency; the specially designed grille optimizes cooling; and the large, two-piece windshield allows wide views.

Cab Comfort

Century Class Truck Cab

Minimize effort with the wraparound dash and ergonomic controls while you sit comfortably in Freightliner EzyRider™ seats and experience less road vibration from the front and rear cab mounting system.


The 90° hood tilt makes repairs easier, plus features like a three-piece composite hood reduce repair costs and RPL drivelines save on service because they never require lubrication.

Century Class Truck Engine


How safe? Driver's side airbags are standard on Century Class S/T models, while all cabs meet or exceed tough Swedish and European ECE R-29 crash test requirements and come with WABCO® 4S/4M anti-lock braking.

Century brochure cover

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