EGR Coverage

Every time you purchase a SelecTrucks used truck with 60-day Buyer’s Assurance or add the Select Extra Limited warranty coverage plans, we’ll cover your major EGR components as well.

EGR Coverage

Coverage includes:

  • EGR Valve
  • EGR Cooler

Even though EGR technology has been required on any truck sold after 2004, no other industry warranty includes this coverage.

If you have any questions about Buyer’s Assurance, the Select Extra Limited warranty, the Select Business Extra Limited warranty, or any of our SelecTrucks models, please contact your local SelecTrucks dealer.

Every heavy-duty truck that was built after 2004 has an EGR system. Now, SelecTrucks is offering the industry’s first warranty to cover its major components.

Heavy Duty Warranty

We’ve got your Medium-Duty truck covered too. Our Select Business Extra Limited warranty has also been extended to cover major EGR components.

Medium Duty Warranty