Quality Used Semi-Trucks

Protect Your Livelihood with a Used Truck Warranty

We all hope when we purchase something, nothing will go wrong. No one wants to face large out-of-pocket costs for a recent purchase. The same goes when purchasing a used semi truck, particularly when that used semi truck is the means of generating a living for you and your family.

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How to Maintain Your Used Truck's Aftertreatment System

Over the last few years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced strict truck emissions standards in order to reduce harmful pollutants from being released into the environment. Starting in 2002, these laws have reduced pollutants into the atmosphere by over 90%. During this time, new technologies and systems needed to meet the standards have been added to semi trucks. The benefits these systems provide are a cleaner environment and improved fuel economy for truck owners. However, like any truck component, they need to be maintained.

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Buying a Used Semi Truck with Challenged Credit

Purchasing a used semi truck can be the beginning of a lucrative and successful career in the trucking industry. Many individuals aspire to owning their own truck and running their own business. But how do you start to make this dream a reality if you have credit issues or a lack of capital? It is possible.

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